By 2022 Telstra will discontinue supporting its ISDN products due to the supporting technologies and platforms nearing the end of their lifetime.

This is big news for small businesses because it means your existing voice service’s days are numbered – and if you’re caught unprepared you may be left scrambling to get your phones connected again.

From 30th September 2019, Telstra will begin to decommission it’s existing ISDN services which is why many are turning to SIP as they’re preferred method for voice prior their services getting cut off.

A SIP Trunk is the virtual equivalent of a traditional physical phone line. A SIP Trunk needs to connect to a PBX – a service that provides the connectivity behind the phone system that enables a company to share lines. Your PBX can either be hosted in the cloud or at your premises. Here at JSB we’re partnered with a SIP provider to help you simplify this process.

The good news is there’s cost savings after you have moved across modern PBX services have better ways of managing and transferring calls, not to mention our unlimited SIP plans are competitively priced.

Get in touch with JSB today for a free quote and cost comparison, we can even do a full migration over to the modern 3CX platform and still show you cost savings and better functionality!



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