Office 365 Integration

Office 365 is hosted on the cloud so you can forget about upgrading servers and licences. Save money immediately on power bills and infrastructure. Worried about security and privacy concerns? Microsoft does not disclose their facilities location to the public, they also encrypt their data using SSL over HTTP and IRM on Document Libraries. Microsoft employs multiple layer of redundancy and backup of information at the datacentre level, so it can be restored. Collaboration has never been easier with Office 365 apps and tools to make life easier in and out of the office. Version control of documents has never been easier to keep on top of documents than having to worry about who has the document opened. Skype for Business has increased business communications for internal and external employees and clients, you will stay up to date with conversations in the palm of your hand.

You don’t have to worry about physical servers and regular maintenance. With all your services hosted on the cloud it’s no wonder businesses are making the change to Office 365.

It grows with your business, when your organisations grow you can simply upgrade additional services or data storage.

Work anywhere from any device! You can access your emails and company data from mobile phones, tablets & laptops on the go.


With enterprise class governance and control Office 365 includes data protection and backs everything up to give you peace of mind. It also meets compliance if you’re required to journal emails for up to several years.