Due to the fragile economic state of the current market in Perth across many industries, companies usually begin with their IT department and infrastructure to see where money can be saved. We have come across many businesses locked into expensive, low bandwidth MPLS contracts where they are not seeing value in quality of service and are still receiving downtime! This doesn’t have to be the case! Regardless if you still have many months or years locked into these expensive MPLS contracts we will show our calculations of how you can save money (even when paying early termination fees!) by utilising SD-WAN technology.

We have completed MPLS to SD-WAN migrations with Perth Businesses and have seen savings of up to 90% on their current links, not only do the customers save money in the end they have seen performance gains in many ways, for example an SD-WAN enables the best performance of critical applications by ensuring that each data packet takes the path of least resistance across the network. What’s more, these systems come with prioritising capabilities built right in, meaning that an employee browsing the Web during their lunch hour won’t take priority over a staff member making an important VoIP call to a partner.

Another beautiful thing about SD-WAN is that you can be ‘Telco agnostic’, as you can utilise multiple WAN links from different Telcos to deliver your network through the same SD-WAN private network, whether it be a consumer NBN link paired with a 4G and business grade fibre link, multiple cellular the links from different providers, satellite… the list goes on, SD-WAN doesn’t discriminate!

We use a variety of SD-WAN vendors to deliver your project depending on your budget, complexity of your network and features suited to your operation. Vendors we use for SD-WAN include but not limited to are Cisco Meraki, Fortinet and VeloCloud. The Cloud platforms that these vendors offer with their service gives you greater visibility into your network .

Get in touch with one of our staff members today for a free audit and cost comparison to show you how you can save money and get performance utilising SD-WAN technology!

The Geolocation of network links on a Meraki Cloud Dashboard



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